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Job Code:1649
Opportunity:National Account Manager
Business Group:SALES ROLES

Account manager with skills in profit predictions, product presentations, resource evaluation needed in our national office.

Account Manager

The account manager duties will include various tasks such as the updating of payment and product information within the accounts. They are responsible for assisting in predicting the profits the company will make as a result of the customer accounts. Product presentations are a part of the responsibilities of an account manager.Evaluations of the company's resources to determine if the requests of customers are a feasible option are yet another responsibility of the account manager. Knowledge of the products of the company, multi-tasking, problem-solving and proficiency are all requirements the account manager will have in addition to other skills needed to be successful.

Essential Skills

In order to excel in technical account manager careers, the account manager will need to develop certain skills. There are five that are considered to be the top ones needed to be successful. The first one is communication. This will include written, listening and speaking skills. In order to be a top notch account manager, communication through the conveyance of the message being delivered must be clear and concise. The ability to speak effectively and get your ideas and thoughts across is essential in account manager careers.
Writing skills are just as important. From memos to reports and emails, the rule of thumb is to keep it short and to the point. In addition, listening is a requirement that serves the account manager well. This is a common complaint in large organizations. When someone is speaking, full attention to them because what they are saying is important. Ensuring that not only hearing what they are saying but understanding it as well is the sign of a good listener.

Required Skills

Successful Account Manager Skills
  • Understands the importance of Relationship Development
  • Ability to understand the customers business and what drives their decision making
  • Time Management
  • Ability to multitask
  • Passion for the position and industry
  • Be selfless as a team player
  • Goal Oriented
  • Self Motivated and Managed
  • Strong communication skills
  • Has a clear understanding of the position job description and performance expectations







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